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Live Selling 101: Essential Tools For live selling

Facebook Live Sales has become a tool that is widely used by businesses today and there’s no wonder why. It doesn’t just help them in marketing their products but they also help with increasing customer engagement, sales, and revenue. Since live sale is done online, there are a few pieces of equipment you would need to start using this selling technique for your business. Here’s a list of tools for live selling that you will need before you start your Live Sale or to step up your live selling game.

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Not everyone will be able to invest in high-end cameras, but don’t panic. We have the most convenient solution for that problem and you won’t have to spend any money on it.

Most sellers use their smartphones to film their live sales and it’s very convenient since you won’t need to buy another camera. You can just use the money to buy the other gadgets that you would be needing.

However, using a smartphone has certain disadvantages as well. The possibility of a shaky camera, bad audio, and bad lighting can occur when you are using a smartphone. These glitches can negatively affect the customer experience.

While conducting a live sale, it is important that you present your products smoothly. After all, a poor-quality video that lags or stutters won’t appeal to any of the viewers. It will eventually lead to drop-offs, which would affect the sale and your reputation.


There’s nothing worse than a shaky video, especially when watching live sales. That’s why you would need a tripod to stabilize your video. Also, it will keep your hands free to show off your products.

A tripod can help you with that problem by positioning and stabilizing your camera. It will also keep your hands free to show off your products.

There are a wide variety of tripods that are available in the market, and you can go for the one that fits your budget.


You would need a laptop in organizing your inventory and previewing your live broadcast. It will also help you in having a clearer view of incoming questions from your audience since you won’t be able to use your phone for it cause you are using it to film and it will be harder to read the comments on a small screen.

Fast Internet

One of the most common interruptions during live sales is slow internet. No one wants to watch a low-quality video especially if it’s a live sale. Your customers would need to have a clear view of the products before they make a purchase. Slow internet won’t give you a high-quality video. So, make sure you have fast internet for a better live sale experience.

Power Bank

A power bank or a portable charger may be one of the most basic pieces of equipment that you can have but it will save you from several embarrassing scenarios. It will also help you have a smooth live sale. Always make sure you have it prepared before starting your live sale. You wouldn’t want to experience running out of battery in the midst of your live sale, don’t you?


Bad lighting will affect how your customers see your products. Although some smartphones can shoot high-quality videos even in dim light settings, using an external light source can add to the appeal of the video.

You can use ring lights which are very popular right now and are used by many live sellers. You can also be resourceful and just find a location with good natural lighting. Whatever light you use, make sure it’s not that bright nor dim.

External Microphone

Have you experienced disruptive static and echo while listening to something? It’s very annoying, right? Your viewers will feel the same if they won’t be able to hear you properly while presenting your products. It is very crucial since in live sales, customer won’t be able to feel the product physically. They depend only on the visual and verbal elements.

We have two solutions for this problem. You can either choose a filming location that is very quiet and without any background noise, which is cheaper, or you can get an external mic that will provide crystal clear audio to your customers.


Although a backdrop is not necessary, it will make your video simple and clean since it will cover all the mess in your background that might distract your customer’s shopping experience. It can also make your video more beautiful and you can change them depending on the occasion or season.

Models or mannequins

This one is for shops that are selling clothes.

One disadvantage of live selling for shoppers is that they can’t try on the clothes on their screen. Models or mannequins can help them see how it fits on a human body and will help them with their decision.

Live Selling Platform

Now that the hardware part is sorted, you need to understand the application that you need to go live. Luckily, most live-selling platforms are free for use. This includes Facebook Live, Amazon Live, and YouTube Live. However, these platforms often create a low intent to purchase for the viewers. Also, switching from these platforms to email to invoice turns out to be very tiring for most viewers, inducing drop-offs at various points.

You can use social commerce platforms like Live Butler for more convenient and effective live selling. Live Butler has features like comment selling, automated invoicing, and stock management that will not just make your work easier but will also give your customer a great shopping experience.

Final thoughts

Some of the most successful businesses use live selling to expand their reach, skyrocket sales, and breed brand fanatics. Now you too, no matter how big or small your business is, can achieve the same success by using the right tools.

Producing your live videos won’t have to be complicated anymore. Your smartphone has all the features for a decent online broadcast. But it is also important that you invest in tools that can help you give your audience the best live selling experience.

Live selling isn’t the only way you can reach and sell to your customers on Facebook. With Live Butler, you can sell through all types of content so you can always keep customers’ newsfeeds fresh & interesting. This way you won’t just reach more customers but will also make other people aware of your brand.

Live Butler is an all-in-one social commerce solution designed to automate your live selling. From accepting orders, updating inventory to sending invoices, Live Butler will do it for you.  

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