How Live Butler’s Free Ecommerce Shop will Level Up your Business

How Live Butler’s Free Ecommerce Shop will Level Up your Business

Most social media retailers think that having their own E-commerce website is not necessary for their business. Some of them also think that it’s just a waste of resources since they are already using social media as their platform for selling their products. However, they don’t realize the advantages they can get if they do have an E-commerce website. 

We, at Live Butler, understand the importance of having an e-commerce website even for social media retailers and their frustration of having to spend a lot of their resources to have one. That is why we want to give every business a chance to level up their business by offering them a free eCommerce shop.

As an all-in-one social commerce solution, Live Butler doesn’t just offer help to retailers with their live selling. We also offer e-commerce solutions that other platforms don’t offer.

Below are the advantages you will get if you use Live Butler as your E-commerce platform.

Convenient checkout in live selling

One thing that E-commerce has that live selling lacks is a checkout page.

In live selling, your customers would need to message you before you their orders and wait for their invoice before they can make their payment. This is one problem that Live Butler solves.

In Live Butler, we integrate live selling with eCommerce. With our automated comment selling, we will be able to accept your customer’s orders once they made a comment purchase. We will instantly send them a message with a link to your shop checkout page where they can make their payment. This will make the checkout process more convenient for your customers and will also save you a lot of time.

Sending your customer to a check-out page will also make your customers feel more secure in making their payment than just having to make the transaction through messenger.

Live Butler Free eCommerce shop is ready-made

Most businesses don’t want to have a website because of how much time and money it needs to be built. Especially for small businesses who don’t have that many resources to build a website. That is why Live Butler offers a ready-made E-commerce shop that you can already use once you sign up. Although the layout is already made, you can still customize it and showcase your brand personality. You will be able to change the colors, banner, logo, and favicon of your shop.

If you want a different design for your website, feel free to talk to us and we will help you with it.

Central Inventory

If you are worried about how you can manage your inventory for your live sale and e-commerce shop, Live Butler can help you with that. With our central inventory, all inventory is updated in real-time across all your selling platforms—from Facebook to your e-commerce shop—so you never oversell. You won’t need to confuse yourself with managing your inventory for both your Live sales and E-commerce shop.

Built-in SEO

With Live Butler’s free eCommerce shop, you can add meta titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and page titles that will help you control how you promote your website and get discovered on the search engine results page (SERP).

Add pages to complete your brand story

You won’t just get a product page, but you will also have a contact page where your customers can message you. You will also have store policy pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie law. You will also have an about page where you can share your brand story, mission, and personality.

With the rise of social commerce, a lot of businesses abandon the thought of having their own website without realizing what they are losing. Why choose between those two if you can have both. With Live Butler it is possible.

With Live Butler, they can have the best of both worlds. We help retailers with their live selling and gives them a chance to have their own website without spending any money.

Live selling isn’t the only way you can reach and sell to your customers on Facebook. With Live Butler, you can sell through all types of content so you can always keep customers’ newsfeeds fresh & interesting. This way you won’t just reach more customers but will also make other people aware of your brand.

Live Butler is an all-in-one social commerce solution designed to automate your live selling. From accepting orders, updating inventory to sending invoices, Live Butler will do it for you.  

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