About Live Butler

about live butler
If you can dream it, then you can realize it.


Shoptech Media is the company behind Live Butler, and we have built e-commerce solutions since 2012, for companies with high requirements. At one point, these solutions also started as a dream for our customers, and because we at Shoptech love to fantasize and invent, 99% of all dreams have become a reality.


That’s also how Live Butler started.

We dreamed of a system that can handle much more than just a normal customer journey. We dreamt of a system that can assist at live sales, that made it easier to handle products and where you have all the things inbuild that you need to run a successful webshop. All that and much more  is what you get with Live Butler.



But we are not done yet – Cause we cant stop dreaming of more.

The important question "Why"

‘One shop to rule them all’

Vision: We see a future where it has become much easier to run an e-commerce. – Mission: To create this one system that does it all.


We base our vision and mission on many years of experience with webshop owners who need to integrate 3rd party systems to get the functionality they need in their everyday life. Regardless of whether you want to make a correct analysis of your figures, such as turnover, visits, conversion etc. or whether you need to send a newsletter, create a shipping label for shipping, or something completely fourth. Then you need integrations for these 3rd party systems.
The disadvantage, however, is that a webshop is often slowed down by retrieving data from many different servers, and you have to log in to these systems, depending on what you want to do.



With Live Butler, we are making sure that the all the things you need are built into your shop!

We want to

live butler help clients level up their Live Sales

Help clients level up their Sales

increase productivity

Increase productivity in the daily life

live butler manage time efficiently

Make the Use of time more efficient

live butler value simple and easy interface

Make your your life as a vendor more simple

Our Company Address

company address

Live Butler is owned by Shoptech.media

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