All your E-commerce needs in a Single Platform

Advanced Product Manager

We have built your product catalog based on the ideology “work smarter – not harder”

It is easier to create and update your product with Live Butler. You won’t need to go to each product page to make your changes. You can change your product information directly from the product lists.

FAQ System

When you run a webshop, you will often find that customers are looking for answers to the same questions. This can be hard to support when you have to answer the same questions over and over again. The built-in FAQ system can help you and the customers – It saves both parties time, and customers appreciate finding answers to their questions immediately.

Blog and Articles

Create blog posts that can boost your SEO, promote your products and educate your customers about your products.
Increase your sales by adding relevant products to your articles.

Product Feed

Promote your products outside of your e-commerce shop. Monitor, and organize product feeds on different sales channels.

Campaign Page Builder

With Live Butler’s E-commerce system, it’s easy to create timed promotions, even if you’re not technically inclined.

Here you can choose from among all your products which should be included on the campaign page.

You can also adapt the design depending on whether your campaign is to run for Easter, summer, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. This makes your campaign page stand out from the rest of your shop.

Gift card

Your e-commerce shop contains a gift card system, which gives your customers the opportunity to buy and offer gift cards from your shop.

Offer your customers a choice of templates to suit any occasion. You can create your own templates and can use these to brand your webshop.

Point of Sale

We can integrate your webshop with a checkout system, which allows you to manage physical sales and online sales in one system. This minimizes your time consumption when selling. It also helps you to keep track of your stock and ensures that you do not sell the same item that was sold a second before on your webshop.


Do you have items that can be combined?
It can be difficult to be a customer at a webshop and not have a clear idea of how several different products interact. Not all people are equally good at imagining how things look when they are in the same room, whether a piece of jewelry fits a dress in a particular color, or something completely different.
With the showroom system, you can combine the styles and help your customers get inspiration and see how it looks together. If the customer likes “the look”, they can easily find the items you have put together and buy them.