Live Butler will manage your live selling for you

Live Butler will assist you all throughout your live selling, giving you more time to focus on running and growing your business.

Comment Selling

Live selling can be a hassle when you have to manually take your customer’s order from the comment section while presenting your product and answering your customer’s inquiries at the same time. Comment selling is a way for you to automatically accept your customer’s order while doing your live sale. This will not just benefit you but will also make your customers happy because it will be easier for them to make a reservation without having to message you every time they have an order. So, lean back and let Live Butler do the work for you.

Automated Invoicing

Manually making invoices and sending them to each of your customers can take much of the time that can be used on growing your business. With Live Butler, invoices are automatically made for you and we will also instantly send them to your customers once they make a reservation with a checkout link, where they can make their payment. This way, you won’t have to make them on your own after your live sale and your customers don’t have to wait for you to send their invoice and for them to make their payment. They will be able to pay their orders right after they make their reservations.

Real-time Inventory Update

You won’t have to always check and update your inventory to check if you still have enough stock every time a customer reserved an item. Live Butler will update your inventory once a customer made a comment purchase so that when a customer tries to reserve an item that is already out of stock, it won’t be accepeted and they will also receive a message that the product they were trying to reseve is already out of stock.

What it means for your Customers?

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Effortless Shopping

Shoppers can buy through your live sales just by making a comment of their product reservation.

Convenient Checkout

Customers can checkout from the checkout link that will automatically be sent to their Messenger.

Secured Transaction

Customers will feel more secured in making payments through the checkout page than just making transaction through Messenger.

Key Features

Live Sales

Automatically accept customers’ reservations through the comment section while doing your live selling on Facebook.

Sales on Facebook Post

Take customers’ orders directly from your Facebook post comment section.

Automated Invoicing

Instantly and automatically send an invoice through Messenger when a shopper makes a comment purchase.

Real-Time Inventory Update

When a customer reserved a product, Live Butler will automatically update your inventory to avoid selling items that are already out of stock.

Purchase Overview

You will have an overview of all your customer purchases during live sales or from your Facebook sales post.

Reservation Deadline

Schedule and put a deadline on your Facebook sale post to limit the time until when your customers can make a reservation.

Shopping Cart

Each customer has their own personal shopping cart where all the reservations they make during your live sale will be put in.

Live Reminder

Invite your customers to your live sale by sending them a customized notification through Messenger.

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