Grow your Business Online for Free

Adding and editing products in Live Butler's E-commerce System is simple and easy.

Easy-to-use interface

Live Butler system’s user interface is designed to be easily used and understood by all types of users, especially those who don’t have that much knowledge when it comes to technology. We made sure that everyone will be able to learn how to use and navigate through our system without too much trouble.

Customizable Ecommerce Webstore

Live Butler gives you full control of your Ecommerce shop. Freely customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand. Although Live Butler webstore is ready-built you can still customize it by adding your logo, favicon, banner, and change the colors. Customize your other pages as well such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Law and About Page to let your audience know more about your shop.

Fulfill Orders With Ease

Processing and shipping orders is made simple with Live Butler. You can manage and monitor all your customer’s orders from one platform. You can change the order status, add the tracking number and send email to your customer about updates from their orders.

What it means for your Customers?

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Effortless Shopping

Shoppers can buy any product from your shop with just a few clicks from the comfort of their home.

Convenient Checkout

Shoppers can log into accounts to checkout, or checkout as a guest. They can also checkout here from your Facebook live sales.

Secured Transaction

Customer can feel safe in making payment or transactions in your Ecommerce shop.

Easy Access to Customer Service

Customers can easily contact you about their inquiries through your Ecommerce’s contact page.

Key Features

Customizable Webstore

Customize your webstore’s color, logo, favicon, and banner to match your brand.

Built-in SEO

Add meta descriptions and page titles to help your webstore rank in the search engine results page(SERP).

Centralized Inventory

All inventory is updated in real-time across all your selling platforms so you won’t over-sell.

Customer Service

Assist your customers with their questions about your product or challenges they may have throughout their customer journey.

Cart Price Rule

Add Cart price rules to apply discounts to items in your customer’s shopping cart based on the conditions you have set.

Order Management

Manage and monitor all your orders like changing your customer’s order status, add tracking number and send updates to your customers through email.

Customer Management

Manage your customer’s information or delete them from your shop.